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Welcome to the newly revamped Dancemaster website. Although not completely finished, we hope you like it and when completed, you will find it a lot more useful and more fun than the old one.

Work on ‘Members’ section is still under construction which you will find is changing all the time and as we are working on a live website, there maybe times things don’t work properly but we are working on it. The members section is for the dancers, it will be a fun section with games, music, videos, funny moments, a picture gallery and anything you guys want. This section is your section – enjoy! To log in use your forum User Name and Password. I will keep you informed of the progress.

One thought on “New Look Website”

  1. Well… as you can see, we have revamped the news page again and you can now add your own comments etc to the news items.

    All we have left to do now is the ‘FUN’ page of the Members Section. We would like your input as to what you would like to see on this page, we will have riddles on it but no other ideas have been given yet. Does anyone have any jokes or funny videos or pictures etc that are suitable for all ages or any ideas?

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