Street Dance Competition

Just found out that there is a Street Dance Competition happening in Newport this Sunday, 21st January 2007. If anyone is interested in taking part let me know asap or you can just go and have a look, find out what it’s all about.

The competition takes place at Newport Leisure Centre, doors open at 9am and the competition starts at 10am. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this competition as I have other plans for this weekend that cannot be changed.

The next Street Dance competition that is fairly close to us is in Reading on Sunday 17th June. If anyone would like to take part in this, please let me know and we will have a chat and we will see if we can get a couple of teams together.

The competition categories are Solo, Pairs and Teams. The competition looks like it open to all ages. Under 8’s, under 10’s, under 12’s Under 14’s and over 14’s. the competition in Reading also has over 16’s.

If you are interested in either of these competitions or you would like more information, please post a reply below with your age and the class you currently take.

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