Billie Tops Charts Without Singing a Note

You may have noticed that there looks to be an error in this week’s music chart, this is not so. Thanks to the infamous Chris Moyles from BBC Radio 1, Billie Piper, the singer turned actress (Doctor Who’s assistant), has entered the official charts at No 17 without releasing any songs.

Due to changes in technology and new chart rules introduced on 1st January 2007, it means that the charts are no longer based purely on record sales but on downloads as well. Previously downloads were included but only if physical copies of the song were available in the shops but now download sales are included which means any song available on the internet could be the next No 1.

In 1999, 8 years ago, Billie originally charted at No 3 with the hit ‘Honey to the Bee’. Last week Chris Moyles played the hit to see if it would encourage his listeners to download it and get it back in the charts. Chris was testing to see where he could get any song into the charts under the new rules, and he did, Billie made it back into the charts without singing a note.

How bizarre? What is going to happen to the charts in the future with Fan Clubs etc? Could really mess up the music industry?

I think that we should get Nitty release in the summer!

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