Digital-Media-Works Makeover

Digital-Media-Works, the web design company that revamped our website so successfully, has finally managed to find the time to give his own website a new makeover bringing it up-to-date and looking very professional.

I know all of you at Dancemaster will be pleased to see Steve from Digital-Media-Works doing well and finally getting his site sorted. Steve spent a lot of time listening to your needs to make the Dancemaster website a site that you would use and enjoy by incorporating music charts, an MP3 player, games, forums, fun pages, news, picture galleries, celebrity gossip and much, much more with genuine registered members from all over the world can use.

Thank you Steve for all your hard work and time, you did a great job of our website and on a personal note, the background work / admin panel, database updates etc are a key element for me to keep to website up-to-date and I am impressed with how easy I find them to use and update. I know you have more work to do on your site with SEO optimisation and client jobs to do so I wish you luck in your project.

If you have any web enquiries or are looking for a professional web designer for your current or newly formed business please contact Steve Nurse by visiting Digital-Media-Works.

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