Dancemaster Pupils To Perform For ITV’s X Factor 2007

Dancemaster pupils aged 10 years and up have the opportunity X Factorto perform for ITV’s X Factor. You will entertain the Welsh crowds and appear in the opening sequence titles of The X Factor 2007.

Yesterday I received a call from the X Factor production team inviting us to do Line Dancing at the Cardiff auditions being held on Monday 18th June 2007 at the Millennium Stadium.

Unfortunately I cannot take everyone to this event as they are only looking for about 10-20 dancers. This is potentially a huge opportunity for the whole of Dancemaster School of Dance and at such short notice I am looking energetic, smiley pupils with the ability to pick up routines EXTREMELY quickly and execute them PERFECTLY with a lively bubbly personality. We will only have one day to train and get this RIGHT!

You will need to be available all day on Sunday. We have to be in Cardiff at approx 5.00pm, we will be catching the train so you will need train fare (approx £3.00 for juniors) and obviously a bottle of water. We are not getting paid for the event.

Auditions will be held Sunday am at 10.30 and finish at 12 noon in Bailey Park, behind the Scout Hall. We will then have a 30 minute break where you can phone your parents, eat and have a break, you are not allowed to leave the park unless you are being picked up. For the chosen pupils, 12.30pm is when the real work starts. We will not be stopping until we have finished, I hope to be finished by 6pm. This is a long day, get a good breakfast inside you and bring food (NOT JUNK) and plenty of water.

You do not have to wear your Dancemaster uniforms for the auditions and training as you will be needing it clean and fresh for Monday but if you could still wear black that would be great if not please ensure that you have appropriate clothing and footwear.

I know that events we do are normally done by the whole school but this time I am unable to do that, I apologise now if you are not asked to go this time. There will be other events and other opportunities for you to strut your stuff at, it does not mean you are not good, different events require different dance styles and different types of people.

Keep your eyes peeled underneath in the comments box for last minute information.

Good luck to you all.


One thought on “Dancemaster Pupils To Perform For ITV’s X Factor 2007”

  1. I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow. Good luck to you all. Just smile, do your best and enjoy yourselves.

    You are doing this for the WHOLE of Dancemaster (no pressure – lol). I wish you all the best.


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