Snow – Tuesday 3rd February 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying the day off and the snow.

Not sure what to do about this evenings dance classes and would like some advice whether to cancel them.

I know all the schools are off today, will everyone assume there’s no dancing? Is it worth the trip in the snow? Or will people come to dancing knowing I don’t live to far and wouldn’t have a problem getting there and would like a break for 1/2 hour or so from their kids?

You can contact me either via the Dancemaster Facebook Group page, via Dancemaster_uk Twitter, reply to this post or contact me on mob 07538 557 959.

I will be posting information, for those requiring it, on this news page later today or first thing in the morning, need to sort this snow situation out first.

Enjoy the snow, wrap up warm and be careful.

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