Summer Dance Workshops 2011

Dancemaster Summer Dance Workshops will be held at Abergavenny Scout Hall, Fairfield Carpark during the last week of July and first week of August. These are week long workshops for both girls and boys.

Monday 25th – Friday 29th July
9.30am – 12.30pm
Ages: 5 – 11 years
£30 for the Week

Monday 1st – Friday 5th August
9.30am – 1.00pm
Ages: 10 – 18 years
£35 for the Week

To avoid disappointment, register here by leaving a comment, contact Penny on 07538 557 959 or email

Look forward to seeing you soon


7 thoughts on “Summer Dance Workshops 2011”

  1. Was very impressed how hard everyone worked today. With Tayah’s help we completed our first routine to Nothing on You by Bruno Mars and started a second routine.

    I’m know some of the younger students were shattered by the end of the day and had every right to be with the hardwork and effort they put in. I’ve already had an afternoon snooze and I’m still tired so I know I’ll sleep well tonight.

    Looking forward to see what we produce tomorrow.

    Well done ladies and keep up the good work xxx

  2. Currently cutting the music we were using today – Michael Jackson’s Thriller, ready for a complete run through tomorrow.

    Today was hard work for everyone but the hard work is really starting to pay off and we are getting some good routines together to showcase on Friday.

    Well done everyone and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow for another day of dance and hard work.

    I would also like to once again thank Tayah for her help today, I really appreciate it – Thank you from all of us.

      1. Friday’s Showcase will be starting at 12.30pm. People wishing to attend should arrive between 12.15pm and 12.30pm so we can start promptly.

        I would like you to be there on time please Mr Videographer as I know we will all be very tired by this point and will want to go home asap. Thank you

        Look forward to seeing you on Friday

  3. Three days and three dances done and wow am I feeling it. I am shattered and my feet are starting to ache but I think that a large part of that could be down to the big baby bump and the warm weather we’re having this week.

    Today we completed a dance to Something Kinda Oooh by Girls Aloud, a nice energetic dance which means we have three very different routines and I know the routine that Tamar is teaching tomorrow is really good and is different again.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow and can’t wait to see you girls once again rise to the challenge and complete another intensive day of dance. You are all doing so well, your timing and synchronisation as a group this week has been amazing to watch – you all make me smile which makes me enjoy my job even more – Thank You and see you tomorrow.

    Now got to go and sort out all my old clothes for the girls to rip up and make a mess of for their Thriller dance – should be fun!

  4. Music all cut and ready to go, costumes and fake blood sorted, four routines completed with one last one ready incase we have time to do more dancing… Looks like everything is ready for us to showcase our routines tomorrow.

    Today Tamar came ready with her Karate influenced routine to Kung Foo Fighting (minus the music she lost which took a little sorting but we got there – lol) and with Tayah as her assistant they both did a brillant job teaching Tamar’s superb routine. Well Done girls and thank you so much for your help.

    So proud of all my girls and all their hardwork, I know your parents etc will be very impressed when you show them tomorrow all the work you have produced this week.

    Well Done all and make sure you smile and enjoy yourselves tomorrow x

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