In The Beginning…

Coming from a Cheerleading background, from the age of 17, Penny had her own squad which later became professional cheerleaders (The Foxy Ladies), cheerleading for Premiership Football Club, Leicester City. Arsenal, Notts County, Derby County and England U21’s football teams, to name a few, hired out the team on regular occasions, as well as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola for special events.

When the Cheerleading squad parted in 1998, Penny approached Brian and Angela Mills School of Dance in Cannock, Staffordshire to form her own dance team, Shockwave – who became 2nd in the UK, a big achievement! After a year of dancing with Shockwave, the teacher training started. With never beening in a dance school before, training was hard but with a teacher as good as Joy Cornock (teacher for Brian and Angela) there was no way she was going to fail.

Penny moved to Abergavenny in September 1999 and in February 2000 she started teaching a couple of small classes to help with the teacher training. Qualifiying as professional IDTA dance teach in July 2002 and being made redundant in February 2003, Penny decided that this was a good opportunity to put all that training, studying, hard work and determination into good use and started up ‘Dancemaster’.

Dancemaster now has over 100 pupils and is looking to expand further.

The Future

Performing at local events and at the Dancemaster dance production at the Borough Theatre, pupils of Dancemaster not just learn, they are encouraged to participate in outside activities but the main aim is that they have FUN!

Many of the pupils within Dancemaster are hoping to take their dance training to greater heights, some wanting to perform, others wanting to teach. I believe we have stars of the future within Dancemaster and with hard work, grit and determination dreams will come true.

Note from Penny

I have been very fortunate over the years to work alongside and teach so many talented individuals. I am looking forward to the future with all you Dancemaster dancers as I watch you prosper. Thank you for making my job so much fun and very enjoyable!