Dancemaster is running a competition for the best poster to advertise NEW dance lessons.

I need posters to display for new dance classes that are starting in January 2006 and general posters advertising classes that can be used after Christmas. I know I could do a flashy job on the computer but I thought it would attract more people into the school if the posters were done by you guys.

This competition is open to the whole school (all ages) and the chosen posters will be displayed in schools, shops etc. All posters used will be awarded a prize with an overall winner.

Key words you may wish to use…
New classes, boys, girls, adults, all ages

I need all the ‘NEW Classes’ posters in no later than 21st December and general entries in by 13th January 2007 and don’t forget to put your name and age on it.

The Winners will be announced on 13th January 2007

Good luck guys.

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