Pupil of the Week – w/c 10th December 2006

This week’s ‘Pupil of the Week’ is awarded to Natalie Brown from Saturday 3 and Junior Cheer.

Natalie, your Latin has come on leaps and bounds, considering you were away from dancing for 3 months with an ankle injury from school, you would never believe it. You have come back with such determination to dance to your best ability. You’ve really got a good hip action, your head is never looking at the floor, you listen well in class and execute the moves elegantly. You never get fazed when I partner you, you just keep going without leading, even when I do the dance wrong – which is often – LOL.

I am really proud of the progress you’ve made and as you continue learning the Saturday 3 routine I can see your confidence growing in this class. I think you made the right decision to change to this class and you will learn more and become a strong and confident dancer that I am looking forward to watching grow. If I was to find a negative comment it would be more of an observation and constructive criticism and that would be that we need to work on your flexibility.

Well Done Natalie and keep up the good work.


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