King Henry Eisteddfod

Pupils at King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny preformed their acts for their eisteddfod preliminaries and the King Henry eisteddfod competition finals. Some of the results from the Dancemaster pupils are as follows: –

* Lucy Shaw (Saturday 1 and Junior Cheer) and Ffion Nelmes (Saturday 1) performed together with some of their friends and WON the year 7 Disco team dance.

* Annabel Mills
came 2nd in the year 8 Entertainment Section. Annabel (Saturday 2 and Junior Cheer) baton twirled her majorette baton to gain the second place.

* Annabel Mills also joined with her friends to perform in the year 8 Team Disco dance competition, the danced their way to 4th position.

* In addition to Annabel Mills‘s other achievements, her and Lauren Williams (Saturday 2 and Junior Cheer) performed together to WIN the Year 8 French Sing and Dance competition.

* Charlie Le Moignan (Tuesday 1) along with her friends from year 9 WON the team disco dance competition.

All the winners performed their routines in front of an audience of friends and family at King Henry Secondary School on Thursday 8th March.

Well Done to all of you for achieving great results and doing Dancemaster and myself proud.

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