Pupil Of The Week – 22nd April 2007

This week’s Pupil of the Week is award to Bethan Robbins from Thursday 2 and Senior Cheer.

Bethan, I think you not only surprised me with your energy and enthusiasm but also yourself. I am still smiling and keep thinking about the way you not only danced on Thursday but the way you PERFORMED the routine. I know I keep going on and on and on at all of you about performing routines instead of just dancing them, well… this week I got what I was looking for… performance.

As a senior member of Dancemaster it is very hard to gain this award because my expectations of the seniors is much higher, I also expect a lot more from them in lesson and in their dancing abilities.

Well done Bethan, I hope your energy and zest will rub off on others. The rest of the Dancemaster members need to keep up the good work you do and remember to practice your routines and S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

Well done everyone.

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