Dancemaster Clothes and Shoe Orders

I know it’s a scary thought for us adults but we are getting closer to Christmas and I am currently collating orders for clothes and shoes.

I will be putting the orders in within the next couple of weeks (mid Nov) so if you are wanting polo shirts, fleeces, shoes or any other dancewear I will need orders and payments ASAP. You can either see me in class, call or email me. I am able to order and get the goods to you discretely if you want them as Christmas presents.

Price Guide
Child Polo Shirt = £9.50
Adult Polo Shirt = £12.50
Child Fleece = £19.99
Adult Fleece = £24.99
Shoes from = £8.50 – £50.00 (dependant on size, style and manufacturer)

Get your orders in QUICK.

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