Dancemaster dance classes

Dancemaster is an independent dance school based in Abergavenny, South Wales.

Established in 2003 by Penny Dixon, a professionally qualified dance teacher with the world recognised dance association, the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association), the main aim of the school is to learn to dance in a safe manner and yet have FUN, keep fit and meet new friends..

Mainly covering the modern popular dance styles like disco / freestyle, pop, street, cheerleading and line dancing, Dancemaster now has over 100 pupils and is rapidly expanding it’s dance classes.

So you want to take dance classes?

Whether you want to be a Pop Idol, join Fame Academy or just dance for fun, there is no better time to start dance lessons than now.
No matter what age you are, dance has got that certain something. You don’t have to follow the moves of the next person, learning how to dance gives you the confidence to clear your own space on the dance floor!
Learn to dance and express yourself, you’ll have great fun and make new friends. Not to mention, keep you very fit and fill you with confidence!
Go on, give it a go!

Eight Reasons To Start dance lessons

  • Dancing is not just about the Tango and Waltz. Think of the many forms of dance you see every day, in pop videos, or on the TV… Hip hop, street, break dance, pop, disco, freestyle, latin, jazz, ballet etc… Even cheerleading, line dancing and belly dancing. The list of different dance styles is endless.
  • Dancing is an excellent way to improve your strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility.
  • It is cardiovascular exercise, dance regularly and it will help keep your heart fit and keep you trim.
  • Dance is an expression of your personality and a way of exploring who you are.
  • Dancing is an excellent introduction into many other creative activities, such as drama and music.
  • Come dancing and meet new people and make new friends.
  • Work closely with your dance teacher and other students in dance classes, will help develop communication and leadership skills.
  • Most important of all, dancing is great fun!