Thanks from steve from Yorkshire

Thanks to the girls in Tuesday 1 class, Steve from Yorkshire was reunited with his car and belongings.

On a visit to Abergavenny an elderly gentleman entered the Scout Hall during Tuesday 1’s class, lost, out of breath and confused. Steve from Yorkshire had lost his car with all his belongings in and had no place to stay overnight. The Tuesday 1 class looked for his car in the car park but with no success. After a long search, Abi White and Hannah Dale found Steve’s car in the large car park near the Post Office and we helped him find a place to stay.

Thank you girls for all your help, I know Steve was most appreciative of your help.

New Look Website

Welcome to the newly revamped Dancemaster website. Although not completely finished, we hope you like it and when completed, you will find it a lot more useful and more fun than the old one.

Work on ‘Members’ section is still under construction which you will find is changing all the time and as we are working on a live website, there maybe times things don’t work properly but we are working on it. The members section is for the dancers, it will be a fun section with games, music, videos, funny moments, a picture gallery and anything you guys want. This section is your section – enjoy! To log in use your forum User Name and Password. I will keep you informed of the progress.

Llanover Fete

After a frantic phone call on a Friday afternoon from Llanover Fete organisers explaining there main arena attraction had fallen sick Dancemaster stepped in, not realising at the time that the fete was the following afternoon. With such late notice we were able to pull together dozen or so dancers who pulled off a 30 minute slot. Thanks to your outstanding performance, we have been invited back as the main event for 2007. Thank you